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The locky virus has been considered by many of the PC security professionals as one of the most prevalent ransomware threat of this time. This has been found as the new variant of Teslacrypt 3.0, earlier released in 2015. This perilous ransomware has been designed and configured to stealthily infiltrate into its target PC and encrypt the important files and documents with strong AES algorithm of the host computer. It appends .locky file extension at the end of the encrypted files.

How locky virus Intrude Intrude Into Its Target PC ?

In the research and analysis of malware researchers they found out that locky virus generally spread via spam email campaigns and phishing emails such as fake invoices. We have included a sample of ATTN: Invoice J-98223146 used to infect naive computer users with this file encrypting virus.

After the successful infringement of locky virus into its host PC this assigns unique public key RSA-2048 for the PC. Further it performs full system scan for important files and documents of the victims to encrypt it using strong AES encryption algorithm. This can encrypt several file formates of images, videos, audios, Ms office documents, PDFs and so on and rename the encrypted file in [unique_id][identifier].locky format.

Ransom Note Description of locky virus :

After the encryption this drops down a ransom note with file name _Locky_recover_unstructions.txt or .bmp in folders where it has encrypted files which links to a Locky Decrypter Page. This demands for the huge ransom amount in BitCoins which ranges from 0.5 to 1 bitcoin which is approximately equals to $210 to $420 USD.

Please note that its not have any guarantee that it will give you the decryption keys after the payment has been maid. Therefore it security professionals suggests against paying any sort of money instead remove locky virus immediately with some reliable Windows scanner software. This will help you completely remove these kinds of threats completely from your compromised PC without any hassle.

How to Restore The Lost Data ?

After successfully removing locky virus you need to recover the encrypted files and documents. For this you can take help of some trustful data recovery software. With that you can easily restore your lost data in just few simple clicks.

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